Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Austin is professional and gives tailored personal recovery plans that are achievable. It was a motivating few weeks that helped me recover from my surgery

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Our Expertise

If you have just had or are planning to have a Knee or Hip Replacement you are likely to benefit from physiotherapy to help get you back on your feet again. All too often we deal with clients who did not have physiotherapy after their operation and are left with issues such as a significant limp, a stiff knee or general weakness and inability to perform necessary activities such as climbing stairs.

We deal with rehabilitating clients after most, if not all orthopaedic operations including hip, knee, shoulder and foot operations. Call us if you like to ask any questions before making an appointment.

We also deal with routine pre-operative advice – so if you are in need of strengthening the region prior to the operation please make an appointment. The stronger you are prior to the surgery the easier the post-operative rehabilitation will be!

What we treat

  • Knee and Hip Replacements

  • Knee and Hip Arthroscopies

  • Knee ACL Repair

  • Achilles Debridement

  • Shoulder Surgery

  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Spinal Surgery

How we treat

  • Providing Advice

  • Progressing Exercises

  • Advising on Home adaptations

  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Visits if required

Self-funding fees

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation:
£60 (Allow up to 45 mins)

Follow-Up Physiotherapy Consultation:
£50 (Allow up to 30 mins)

Clients with Insurance

If you are insured we have set prices as per contractual arrangements. These fees may be higher or lower as dictated by the individual contract. We generally invoice the insurer’s directly although any excess on the policy may be payable at the time of treatment.

Please contact your insurers prior to the making the consultation to get an authorisation code for the treatment.

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